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April 27, 2006    4.46pm

This is my own story told in my own words.  Nobody can tell me what to do with my site, how to behave with my site, has any input into my site and cannot remove me from this site. 

This is MY Morocco as seen, felt, tasted and lived through my own experiences as my home.  This is not a Moroccan 'overview site' nor is it intended to be a vehicle for anything other than my own knowledge and expertise of Morocco.  Those who will disagree with what I say within these pages have every right to do just that though bear in mind that this is my world of Morocco, my vision of what I lived which is my right.

I wish for everyone who comes to these pages to enjoy, participate and perhaps learn a bit here and there.  Herein lies a celebration of Morocco, her country, people, culture and food. I do not intend to cover all areas of Morocco in more than a general 'I experienced' manner.  I will state however and without shame that I am an expert in my area of Morocco; mainly Oujda where I lived and the northeast.

I write, that is what I do and my passion is my 'home' of Morocco, a place where a large part of my heart still and shall forever live.  Would I have ever left Morocco did my health not dictate a return to the United States where I was born and raised? Not on your life!  No option means exactly that.  Do I cry bittersweet, deep and lonely tears for the country where I found 'home?'  Oh yes, you bet I do and suspect that I always will.

Not only do I deeply miss my home and way of life there but my husband as well.  One day, when the government has finished it's red tape, he will be here in Maine with me and I will be deeply happy.  However, we will never be able to truly live that Moroccan way of life again.  It seems that after being away for many years, the American psyche has 'hit me square in the face' and I am not all that happy about this happening.  Well, we all must persevere, go on, make changes (change is not always a good thing), and live each moment as happily as we can for there are none to waste.



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