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Here you will find a way to help the starving and desperately poor of Morocco

Please consider helping if you can.  Morocco is an extremely poor country with absolutely no social programs of any kind. No soup kitchens, retirement homes, very few jobs, no retirement income once one can no longer work, no support for mothers with newborn children, no help for fatherless children, no medical care assistance; it is a cash pay health care system even for the emergency room.

It is left to the community to care for these highly disadvantaged people. Daily we left bread, fruit and bottled water on our window ledge for the hungry to come by and take. We also gave out dirhams to the needy every single day when out of the house.  We always did all that we could including buying meals or whole rotisserie chickens for hungry mothers and children waiting patiently and quietly for a table to finish and leave so that they could eat the leftovers and have the remaining drinks.

I had a system for distributing food, medical supplies and dirhams to those who needed it most and that system still stands in place. Food and medical supplies are not expensive in Morocco and $10.00 can feed a family for a month.

I have lived with the tragedy that is this need. I have seen the old and frail, the newborn and the children who have fallen between the cracks as they are fatherless.

As I said, the system still stands in place and should your heart wish to help in any way, the people of Morocco and we will thank you dearly.

Shortly a PayPal Donate button will appear here for your convenience. I am not a registered charity as even I do not have the funds to set that in place though I would love to be able to one day. Please rest assured that the only funds used from your donation for other than direct benefit to the Moroccan needy will be for postage and/or wire transfer fees. Should you want an accounting of where your donation went and a breakdown of how it was used, simply email me and I will supply you that information from my books.

We all thank you so for your hearts and generosity that we say alhamdulilah (thanks to GOD).






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Have a Link? Ask to have it added here!