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Much has changed and I am working here regularly now. Many updates and information added, especially to My Writings and My journal. Later today 31 October, 2006 I will be working on the photo gallery! Some of the gallery is being saved for wedding photos.

Today, 20 November 2006, sees a new journal entry and a brand new piece in 'My Writings!'

Please note: Contact email address has changed!

I have just myself discovered that the photos in My Photo Album are 'clickable' to see a better view of the photo on it's own.  Check it out!





Watch for Updates on All Pages and Photos!

New Page Added:   27 November 2006 My Columns; Hajar's Morocco for Foodies!

Photos Added:  March 29, 2006 4.55pm EST. Top 3 in Photo Album.  UPDATED: 31 October 2006

Morocco 'My Way' Begun:  April 27, 2006 4.00pm EST. Will be added to.

Journal Begun:  April 28, 2006 11.00pm EST. UPDATED: 20 Novemebr 2006, continuing.

Recipes Begun:  2 added with more to change and come.

Look what the birds built! Top of Binidrar Mosque 10 miles north of Oujda. This nest is massive.


Look for Site Upgrades Regularly!

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Learn Morocco through my eyes as someone who lived there and longs to return.  Know 'my' Morocco and the authentic fare which of course goes hand in hand.  See how the real Moroccan home kitchen and local's eateries works.  Enjoy the passion that is Morocco through my words, food and photos.

No disappointment to be found here though a few misconceptions quashed!

Islamic Cemetary Outside of 'Old Fes.'